Written by Jerome Arandez, Elite Sport Business student in 2020.

Have you ever thought to yourself what is more important, education or experience, in locking down that job you really want? Here in this article you will find out what is more important to land that job.

Importance of Education

Having the evidence to show your recruiter is vital when you want to build your career or even start at an entry level, to show that you know the ins and outs of that industry. Job recruiters will ask about your education, whether you have studied a diploma, bachelors, honours, or masters. Employers look for the quality of the certificate and how in depth your knowledge is of the area. Having an education under your belt shows the employer that you understand the certain skills that may be specifically required.

Employees that move higher up in their careers will need certain education requirements, the experience will not get them over the line as they may require specific skills and more in-depth of knowledge that can only be learnt in depth when studying.

Some people may think education is just on words on paper, but education builds individual skills such as being organised, also reading and writing. Skills like these will strengthen your chance of landing your dream job. This will also build your knowledge of the area you are wanting to pursue your career in.

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Importance of Experience

In the modern working world today we all hear the saying ‘it is not what you know it is who you know’. Building a strong network is vital when looking for experience to build your career. It could perhaps just be being in the right spot at the right time to land your dream job. Having a strong network to fall back on could mean that a person you have connected with on a professional level may recommend you for a job if you have left a good impression.

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When applying for a job, despite having the educational background, in majority of the careers they recommend having a certain amount of years of experience in that field of the career you are wishing to pursue can put you ahead of the other applicants.

It is all well and good having the knowledge behind you of the industry with an educational certificate. But you will not realise how well you perform in that industry if you don’t have the firsthand experience.

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So, what is more important?

If you do want to work in a higher end job and advance yourself as an employee, the majority of employers will ask for a certain education as a requirement when applying for a role. But then on the other hand experience is just as vital, as recruiters do ask for certain years’ experience in that field you are wanting to work in, this also puts you in good stead having hands on experience in that specific industry.

To sum up, having a combined education certificate and experience is just as important to put yourself ahead of others in landing your job. Building a strong network is the key in the modern world today as well as constructing in depth knowledge from studying.

As the sporting world is a competitive industry to kickstart your career, experience will be required and you can build experience from networking and putting yourself out there, but as you build your career studying a course in that field will give you the upper hand.

Here at the Carlton College of Sport you have the best of both worlds, being able to study a Diploma of Sports Coaching and Development or the Diploma of Elite Sports Business. Also, guaranteeing the opportunity to build your network and complete 100 hours of work placement in a highly functional elite sporting environment.