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Are you a teacher or high school career practitioner who would like to hear more about options to study sport at La Trobe University and the Carlton College of Sport?

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have cancelled our planned visits to schools and careers events and have replaced them with Online Information Sessions.

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Build your presentation

We understand that not all groups want to hear the same thing! School groups are able to mix and match from the below list of topics to build a bespoke presentation tailored to the audience. We recommend always including the core presentation as it provides context to other topics and a clear pathway for entering into careers in sport.
Core Presentation - Study Sport

20 minutes

Delivered in tandem by La Trobe University and Carlton College of Sport staff, this presentation gives students a high level overview of the various tertiary course options La Trobe University offer in Sport. We then explain the Carlton College of Sport relationship and how a year spent at Carlton can accelerate your career in sport.

Detailed Carlton College of Sport Presentation

Add 10 minutes

Get a closer look at a typical week at the Carlton College of Sport with further detail provided on the extra-curricular opportunities that form the Carlton College of Sport program. Ideal if you have students who are keen to learn more about completing their first year of tertiary study immersed in an elite sporting environment.

High Performance Sport Insight

Add 10 minutes

Hear from the professionals. High performance staff from the Carlton Football Club will join to give a unique insight into the training regime of an elite football team and the principles that underpin high-performing teams.

The Business of Sport

Add 10 minutes

Unsure what goes into getting a team on the field? This presentation is designed to give students an understanding of the operations that sit behind the 22 players that take the field. Ideal for students interested in sports administration careers, but are unsure of the plethora of opportunities that exist within the industry.

Past Students Q&A

Add 10 minutes

Hear from a Carlton College of Sport graduate about their time studying in the program and where they find themselves today.

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