Every year, four graduates from the Carlton College of Sport cohort are offered the opportunity to apply and interview for a full-time job at the Carlton Football Club.

Five students from the 2020 cohort have been offered full-time positions within the football club in 2021. We spoke to each of the graduates to talk to them about their time at Carlton College and what they’re looking forward to working at Carlton.

Read more from Chelsea Srinivasan who is working in the Consumer Business team as the Retail Services Officer.

What were you doing prior to studying at Carlton College and why did you decide to study with us?

Prior to the Carlton College I was studying a university degree I wasn’t interested in. I chose to study at Carlton College because I decided I wanted to get into the sporting industry, but I didn’t know how to and it just seemed like the perfecting starting point.

How did you find studying at the CCoS?

I loved my experience at Carlton College. It didn’t feel like I was studying because there were so many placements and other things we were doing outside of classes. It made it a really fun and worthwhile experience. You also make heaps of friends, which makes each day seem like a breeze. Coming into the club each day and building your network and skillset while studying is just a great opportunity.

What were some experiences you had whilst at the CCoS?

Placement was a really great experience. I was lucky enough to work at the best and fairest, at game days working with fan engagement, in membership and retail, which really helped me network and land the role I’m in now.

What was the best part about completing the course?

The best part was the placement side for me. Getting that hands on experience really helped me define that this is what I wanted to do as a career. It was working firsthand alongside people who were already doing these roles and that helped me decide where I wanted to work within sport.

What skills have you learnt throughout your time at CCoS?

The most valuable skills I learnt through Carlton College was how to network. Within the sporting industry who you know is important, so networking was a massive skill I learnt. Also, skills such as, customer service through placements I completed, along with learning skills from my classes.

Why do you think you got the job?

I tried my hardest and tried to make a good impression across all placements. Not all placements were something I was interested in, for me personally I’m not good with the sporting side. If you ask me to kick a ball it’s not up my alley, but I still said yes to these types of placements anyway. I would take every opportunity that would come my way to get to know everyone around the club.

Did any of the skills you learnt throughout the year help get your job?

Without the networking skills I built throughout the course, I don’t think I would have landed my job. Through networking I got to know the people I now work with really well, so this helped me in applying for my job.

What aspect of your job are you most looking forward to this year?

I’m excited for match days! I’m really looking forward to being in the game-day environment and engaging with the fans face to face.

What would be your advice to people who want to get into the sporting industry/are thinking of studying at CCoS?

Definitely go for it, you have nothing to lose! It is a one in million experience and you get to meet and work alongside some really great people, whilst also getting a diploma under your belt. You get experiences here that you wouldn’t get in a typical university course and have something to put on your resume and take into the future.