Every year, four graduates from the Carlton College of Sport cohort are offered the opportunity to apply and interview for a full-time job at the Carlton Football Club.

Five students from the 2020 cohort have been offered full-time positions within the football club in 2021. We spoke to each of the graduates to talk to them about their time at Carlton College and what they’re looking forward to working at Carlton.

Read more from our first graduate Ryan Geer who landed the role of Communications Officer within the Carlton Media department.

What were you doing prior to studying at Carlton College and why did you decide to study with us?

Prior to Carlton College I had completed a Bachelor of Journalism, and as you do once you have completed a Bachelor of Journalism, I went and worked on the road for two years as a labourer. At the time I didn’t see myself working in journalism. 

I chose to study at CCoS because I saw it as a great opportunity to work within an elite sporting organisation, paired with a prominent university as well. 

What role have you landed at the Carlton Football Club?

I have landed the role of Communications Officer, within the Carlton Media department. 

How did you find studying at the Carlton College of Sport?

I found my time at Carlton College really interesting, learning and working with a variety of different people. Being in class with like-minded individuals allows you to learn a lot, we weren’t just learning from our classes, we were learning from each other. 

What were some of your favourite experiences while studying?

Prior to COVID-19, I had done a fair few placements. Some of these were helping the AFLW side with training, however my favourite experience was with the Next Generation Academy training. I got to help coach the under 15s boys and girls. I felt pretty involved, they let me speak with the kids, give my own input and even printed off coaching plans for me. The NGA girls’ training was also really unique because Maddy Prespakis and Tayla Harris would help out, so I got to pick their brains and learn from them as well. 

What was the best part about completing the course?

The best part about completing the course I think would have to be sticking to the course during such a tough year. Proving to myself that I could stick to it and finish the course was a highlight. 

What skills have you learnt throughout your time at Carlton College?

Networking and asking questions! You are in an elite environment with like-minded people who work in the sports industry, so you really learn to take advantage of this and meet people and build a network. 

Why do you think you got the job?

I think all the placement hours I had completed, saying yes to everything that came my way.Also, catching up with everyone in the media department, learning from them and picking their brains, it helped build my network throughout the year. I would ask them for feedback and ask them questions on tasks I would complete such as mock interviews and media plans, which has helped give me confidence now going into my job. 

Did any of the skills you learnt throughout the year help get your job?

Linking back to what I said networking and asking questions. Everyone in this industry is willing to talk and help out so I took advantage of that for sure. 

What aspect of your job are you most looking forward to this year?

Game Day! Without a doubt, going to games. Experiencing the atmosphere and being involved will be such a great opportunity, so I’m keen to get started.

What would be your advice to people who want to get into the sporting industry/are thinking of studying at Carlton College?

It’s a great opportunity, you get to study in an elite environment in one of the most prominent clubs in the league. Take advantage and ask questions, get involved behind the scenes and learn from those around you.