Every year, four graduates from the Carlton College of Sport cohort are offered the opportunity to apply and interview for a full-time job at the Carlton Football Club.

Five students from the 2020 cohort have been offered full-time positions within the football club in 2021. We spoke to each of the graduates to talk to them about their time at Carlton College and what they’re looking forward to working at Carlton.

Read more from Ryan Pullens who has landed the role as a Membership Sales Officer at the Carlton Football Club.

What were you doing prior to studying at Carlton College and why did you decide to study with us?

Before I studied at the Carlton College of Sport I was studying a law degree. I was halfway through this degree and realised I just didn’t have the passion for it.

I realised that I needed to find something that I actually enjoy doing. So I came across the Carlton College and that’s why I made the move.

How did you find studying at the CCoS?

I thought it was great, it was so different to anything I had studied previously. It was so much more hands on and about getting experience in the sporting industry. You get to meet heaps of different people who teach you so much and are all happy to give you a hand and show you the ropes of what is going on.

What were some experiences you had whilst at the CCoS?

There were a few different things! Lots of placements, different things on game days, working with the AFLW team, trainings and working with the media team were all really interesting. It was a good experience just to try everything that was available.

What was the best part about completing the course?

Probably my favourite part was getting the opportunity to try all these different roles that I didn’t even fully realise existed before coming to the club. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into making a club operate properly and I didn’t realise how much actually needs to be done.

What skills have you learnt throughout your time at CCoS?

There are a few, but one of the main ones is learning how to network and meet new people whilst maintaining connections with them. I think that will be useful moving forward in my role as well.

Why do you think you got the job?

I think the leadership skills I learnt potentially helped me get my role. I learned to put myself out there and try show that I have the initiative to give things a go.

Did any of the skills you learnt throughout the year help get your job?

For sure. Going through the entire interview process was quite lengthy with multiple different interviews, so being able to talk in those, communicate and build on relationships I had prior to the job process starting really helped in landing the job.

What aspect of your job are you most looking forward to this year?

I’m excited for all of it to be honest, I just want to give everything a go. The main thing that I think will be interesting though is speaking to all different Carlton supporters.

What would be your advice to people who want to get into the sporting industry/are thinking of studying at CCoS?

I would say definitely just give it a crack, if you have a passion definitely follow your passion and give any opportunity a go. When you start saying no to things coming your way you start closing doors, so give it a shot.