Why did you choose to study at Carlton College of Sport?

When I reached VCE I had become set on wanting to work in sport. Specifically, what I wanted was to be involved with recruiting and list management in football. I spent a lot of time in year 12 looking for the best option to pursue because the last thing I wanted was to study somewhere and find out years later that numerous AFL recruiters had come from the same course.

I believe I made the right choice. CCoS places great value on both education and practical experience, that is what persuaded me. I place a high value on gaining knowledge and skills through tertiary study, but I wanted the chance to have as much experience as possible and I was able to receive that at Carlton with the placement opportunities available.


What was the best thing about studying at Carlton College of Sport?

It’s not a sexy answer, but I believe the teachers add so much value to this program. What I found at CCoS is the teaching you receive comes from individuals who are genuinely passionate about what they do. They are people who are just as ambitious about their work in the sports industry and have a significant amount of experience with professional clubs and sporting bodies. Similarly, the guest lectures from both people at Carlton and outside the club give a great insight into a wide range of roles in sport for those who might not be set on what area they would like to specialise in.


Best story about placement/study at CCoS?

The placements in the recruiting department certainly stand out. It was a small insight into the roles of those who I aspire to be like. I had the opportunity to sit in on meetings and code vision of under 18’s matches. It was a great chance to ask questions that I have always wanted answers to and have conversations with people about football that gets me thinking about the sport in a new light. If I had one goal entering CCoS, it was to connect with AFL recruiters and gain greater understanding into how I can earn my place, I feel I achieved this.


Where are you working now? How did you land the role?

I am currently in my second year working at Champion Data as a Data Collector. In 2019 I worked predominantly on NAB League and VFL matches, including being fortunate enough to work through the VFL finals series and at the VFLW Grand Final. Over the off-season, I had the chance to be involved with the XFL and now in the 2020 AFL season have been trained for two more roles and work regularly on AFL matches.

I was hired only a few weeks after I finished high school. At that time I didn’t have any previous employment history, had done a little volunteer work though nothing related to sport, nor had I played sport in years. That’s all to say I don’t particularly know why I was hired. I believe I am detail orientated, ambitious, and someone who is genuinely passionate about forging a career in sport and doing what it takes to get there. I think those who were hired at the Carlton Football Club after finishing their time at the Carlton College of Sport possessed similar characteristics and that is why they were chosen.


What is your dream job in sport?

My goal is certainly to be working in list management and recruiting at an AFL club. I don’t necessarily have to be the List Manager, but at the very least I want to have been able to make a genuine contribution to a team. This process doesn’t need to be all about promotions and more control and responsibility, for me it is about excelling in the role I have and being reliable.