Australia is a world leader in sport, competitive on the national and international stage with some of the most passionate supporters in the world.

So, it should come as no surprise that so many people want to take their passion for sport and turn it into a career. Some of the most sought-after roles in sport include player managers, high-performance coaches, and roles in sports administration at major clubs or sporting organisations.

Whether you’re interested in becoming the Recruiting Manager for an AFL team, a Marketing Manager of a national sporting organisation or the Head Coach of your local cricket team, there are a few things you can do to make sure you get your foot in the door


1. Get experience

Ask any person who currently works within the sports industry about what is the most important thing to have when applying for jobs in sport, and the majority will answer with ‘experience’.

For many school leavers, this can be a frustrating response as they try to answer the age-old question: “How do I get experience without having any experience to begin with?”

Usually, this experience will come in the form of internships or volunteer work in a sports setting. In an ideal scenario, you can combine study and gain experience through placements offered through your institution.

Studying at the Carlton College of Sport allows you to combine your education with unique work placement opportunities such as AFL and AFLW training, strength and conditioning placement, match-day operations and much more.


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2. Use your network

Building up a strong professional network is essential when it comes to landing your first job in any industry. The more people in the industry you know, the more opportunities you will have to gain experience and land your dream job.

Take the time to reach out to people through platforms such as LinkedIn, or get in touch with clubs or organisations directly to get in contact with people who work in a role that you are interested in.


3. Know your stuff

The combination of education and experience is key when it comes to landing your preferred job in sport.

Whether you decide to undertake a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science or a Diploma of Elite Sport Business, completing some form of tertiary education will put you above the pack when applying for roles in sport.

It’s important to choose a tertiary education pathway that works for you depending on what area of sport you want to work in. Visit our Courses page to see what pathway you should take.


4. Show initiative

Take your career into your own hands. Whether you put your hand up to volunteer at your local soccer club or reach out to build your professional network, initiative will be rewarded.

If you seek out the opportunities that will further your career, you will already be ahead of those who wait for opportunities to fall into their lap.


5. Be passionate

There is one thing that all people who work in sport share, and that is a passion for the work they do.

Whether you have supported the same team since you could walk, or maybe you have a general love for all sports, having the passion and drive to succeed is essential to landing your first job in sport.

The Carlton College of Sport offers a unique high-performance education experience delivered at the home of the Carlton Football Club. Gain valuable work experience and develop a strong professional network while you study to help you in your career in the sports industry.

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