The Carlton College of Sport is excited to announce a new academic pathway with La Trobe University!

The Prepare Accelerate program, delivered by La Trobe University, provides an entry pathway into the Carlton College of Sport academic diplomas for students who do not meet the entry requirement of a study score of 20 in English.

If you completed VCAL, SEDA or unscored VCE in 2021, or if you do not achieve a study score of 20 or above in English, you are eligible to complete the Prepare Accelerate summer school course run by La Trobe University.

The program will run from January 3 to February 15 in 2022. Students will complete three online micro subjects focused on foundational tertiary academic skills designed to prepare them for the challenges of full-time study in Semester 1.

Prepare Accelerate runs full time and will involve around 25 hours of study per week for six weeks. This will give you the skills you need to start your diploma at Carlton College with confidence.

Students have the choice to tailor subjects for the Prepare Accelerate program based off your academic interests, with subjects suited to a Science stream and a Humanities stream.

Applications for the Prepare Accelerate program are now open! Make sure to submit your application before the closing date on Sunday 19 December.

You can apply for Prepare Accelerate program online through La Trobe University here.

Please note: The Prepare Accelerate website states that VCAL students are not eligible for the program, however an exception has been made for VCAL students coming to study at the Carlton College of Sport in 2022.

Find step-by-step application instructions in the How to Apply Guide.