DAISY WAS A STUDENT who was able to thrive in the setting at the Carlton College of Sport. Throughout the year she put her hand up for every experience offered.

By the end of her studies, Daisy had completed over 100 hours of industry specified placements, with departments in the Carlton Football Club asking for her assistance.

Daisy was able to work with various departments of the Carlton Football Club, using her connections and networks to seek out placement opportunities within the Media, Memberships, Fan Engagement and Community departments.

With her impressive year as a student at the Carlton College of Sport, Daisy was offered a full-time position as Membership Sales Officer within the Consumer Department.

How did you branch out at the Carlton Football Club whilst studying at the Carlton College of Sport?

“I tried to say yes to as much as possible with all the placement opportunities offered. I tried to get experience in each department to get an idea of how they worked and operated.”

Did the skills you learnt at the Carlton College of Sport prepare you for this role?

“Definitely. The skills we learnt between communication and task load, as well as managing members within our memberships placement definitely contributed to this role and would be beneficial for other roles.”


What was the best moment or opportunity you had yourself at Carlton College?

“There were many. The best opportunities were definitely the internal and external placements that you are offered. For me it was my opportunity at the Hawks Netball in the VNL, which is one of the placement partners at Carlton College.”

How did you use your opportunities at the College to help you land a job at the Carlton Football Club?

“Massively on networking. You meet so many different people in so many areas. You meet people both involved in football as well as other sporting organisations, so connecting with them and building a network has definitely helped get the role”.

How have you found the transition from studying at Carlton College to full-time work at the Carlton Football Club?

“Really smooth. Because you’re studying at IKON Park you can get to meet people along the way, which makes the first day not as stressful. Just recognising some familiar faces that you learn throughout the year from studying really helped”.