Written by Daisy Osborne, Elite Sport Business student in 2021.

Newly initiated teammate of the Carlton College of Sport Football Development Program and Northern Knights player, Heath Ramshaw, shared some insight into both who he is and why he has decided to be a part of this new program.

Previously playing midfield in his younger years, Ramshaw said that his new position of Backman with the Carlton Football Development Program is becoming a position that he is enjoying a lot.

Speaking briefly of this change, he is enjoying being able to run off the offensive player as well as the focus on tackling are aspects of his new game that are proving to be much loved.

When asked about his game day rituals, nothing beats a pregame bowl of pasta as well as a few lollies before and during the game. However, there was little mention of the process around his long hair.

Explaining he is ‘not a man for a headband’, Ramshaw is more focused on developing his skills and just being able to enjoy it and be with his mates.

When asked about training in the high-performance environment at the home of the Carlton Football Club, Ramshaw only has good things to say.

‘I’m loving being in an elite environment, and just enjoying it with the people around me,’ he said.

According to Ramshaw, the Football Development Program has only pushed him as a player. He talked about the highlights from his first couple of weeks wearing the Navy Blue.

‘I’m loving getting out of my comfort zone and doing things I wouldn’t usually do and taking the opportunity,’ Ramshaw said.

Off field, and like most 18-year-old boys, Ramshaw expressed his love of going to the gym, video games and heading to the pool for a swim.

The ‘typical 18-year-old boy’, was not shy when discussing his potential future and the direction in which he wants to go regarding all things football.

With the hopes of getting drafted in the near future, Ramshaw humbly talked about his intention to get the best out of himself.

‘I’m going to do the best I can with it,’ he said.

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