At the Carlton College of Sport, it is never too late to commence your journey and get a head start on your career in sport.

Over the span of one-year, this course is designed to support students kickstart their career in sport, opening numerous avenues for job opportunities within the sporting industry for our graduates.

Carlton College of Sport has students from all walks of life, all on different paths towards their sporting careers.

The College is the ideal setting for those striving for a new career path, or those wanting to build on their professional networks to excel in their sporting journey, as well as achieving a higher education Diploma.

Students will have the opportunity to branch out and connect within the Carlton Football Club and external partners, practicing their industry skills and learning from the Club’s best.

Ash Naulty is a former student who graduated at the end of 2020. After completing his studies Ash landed a graduate position working as a Football Development Coordinator at the Carlton College of Sport.

Ash has since been able to progress in his career, working in various roles within the Carlton Football Club. He is currently working as the AFL/VFL Player Welfare Coordinator and VFL Football Coordinator.

What were you doing before studying at the Carlton College of Sport?

“Previously I was in the construction industry, doing a mixture of sub-contracting as well as running my own business.”

What made you want to join Carlton College?

“I was really looking to transition into a career in sport. Having the ability to gain industry experience and to be able to achieve my goals of networking and education in a short period of time really appealed to me.”

Changing careers, and chasing his passion, the Carlton College of Sport offered the opportunities and pathways needed for Ash to build his network.


What opportunities were presented to you whilst studying at Carlton College?

“Being involved in an elite sporting environment, working alongside AFLW trainings, match day activations, combined with the valuable insights in guest lectures as well as the numerous networking opportunities, really provided valuable opportunities throughout the year.”

Did the time spent at Carlton College help with getting this new role in the Football club?

“The biggest asset from being at Carlton College was learning to relate to a different age demographic. Adapting to relate and communicate with younger people is a great skill that I was able to gain from my time at the College.”

“Along with this, the ability to network and build on my professional connections, whilst also studying and building on my attention to detail, is all related to my time at Carlton College and definitely helps with my role at the Football Club.”

The Carlton College of Sport has allowed for many students to kickstart their sporting careers, building on their networks and undertaking exclusive industry experiences. Providing those in similar positions to Ash the opportunity to excel into a career in sport.

With the opportunities offered, and a one-year commitment to build your professional network, it is never too late to start your journey in sport!