Every year, four graduates from the Carlton College of Sport cohort are offered the opportunity to apply and interview for a full-time job at the Carlton Football Club.

Five students from the 2020 cohort have been offered full-time positions within the football club in 2021. We spoke to each of the graduates to talk to them about their time at Carlton College and what they’re looking forward to working at Carlton.

Read more from Chelsea Heagney who has landed the role as a Community Officer at the Carlton Football Club.

What were you doing prior to studying at Carlton College and why did you decide to study with us?

Before studying at Carlton College of Sport I was taking a gap year, working full-time in retail.

I chose to complete the Carlton College of Sport was because it offered everything that I was looking for. The course work was everything I was wanting, but also the opportunities and getting an in-depth look into the club and being able to complete placements.

How did you find studying at Carlton College?

It was really good! You are studying with a lot of likeminded people with shared interests, so it’s easy to find that common ground and make friends easily. I also think having coordinators who are in the industry and know the line of study you are in means they can offer a lot of support if you need it.

What were some experiences you had whilst at the Carlton College of Sport?

Given Covid-19 it was a bit different, however I was lucky as I had completed placements before lockdown. I got to complete placements at the AFLW games, at the Bushfire Relief Round which was at Marvel Stadium, so going to a different venue was really interesting to see how that worked. I think the guest lectures were also really interesting. It was great getting the insight from those who worked at the club and them being genuine and honest about sharing their experiences in sport. 

What was the best part about completing the course?

Getting a job at the Club!

What skills have you learnt throughout your time at Carlton College?

Probably my time management, being able to manage multiple commitments in a year where I wasn’t surrounded by a lot of people, I learned how to manage my tasks more independently, and showed myself I had the ability to do so.

Why do you think you got the job?

I think I have a good work ethic. Throughout the year I was putting my hand up for any opportunity that came my way and put significant effort into all my classes. I tried to show how interested I was and willing to take opportunities that came my way, which I think helped me get my job.

Did any of the skills you learnt throughout the year help get your job?

I used my network and contacts a lot that I had formed throughout the year. I spoke to people at the club who had worked in community before, to get their advice and discuss what their role was about and using those connections to discover more about the role I was applying for. Also, the knowledge that you gain from your classes, I know that this will be something I will utilise in the workplace going forward.

What aspect of your job are you most looking forward to this year?

Th Carlton Respects initiative, it’s something that is really important, and being a woman it is something I am really looking forward to seeing it run and how to go about everything regarding the program. 

What would be your advice to people who want to get into the sporting industry/are thinking of studying at Carlton College?

Just go for it! I was held back from wanting to enter the sports industry at the start from people telling me I shouldn’t do it because I was a female. You just need to put aside what other people say and just go for it. Just go with what you want to do!

This course really helps you get that foot in the door, you establish so many connections that will be really important and really helpful going forward.