Written by Ben Unger, Diploma of Elite Sport Business.

Studying at the Carlton College of Sport has given me many different opportunities with a lot of great experiences, allowing me to understand the potential pathways I can take after my studies. The Diploma of Elite Sport Business has allowed me to study many different subjects that I enjoy whilst getting involved with many exiting placement opportunities.

Through the Carlton College of Sport, we have the chance to hear from many high-profile guest lectures. With lectures from former Carlton CEO Cain Liddle, former player Chris Judd, AFLW player agent Alex Saundry and many more leading figures, it gives us an insight into the different roles throughout the sporting industry which also gives us the opportunity to build our professional networks.

My first placement at Carlton College was with the Carlton Membership team. Interacting with many of the Carlton members and learning the different skills that are required within the team was a unique experience which was both interesting and enjoyable.

Getting the opportunity to be involved with some of the largest Carlton functions such as the Carlton IN Business ‘Major Luncheon’ at Crown, Carltonians function and the President’s Function allowed me to experience and connect with some of the biggest names throughout the industry. We greeted the guests, helped sell raffle tickets and prepare for large occasions, giving us insight on what it was like behind the scenes of major events.

The Media placement I completed was extremely exciting, learning and improving on my skills of both photography as well as article writing, helped me understand what it’s like to work within the media industry. For this placement we went onto the oval of IKON Park, taking photos and interviewing the students in the Football Development Program. Our own article was then posted onto the Carlton College website what was a very surreal and a thrilling moment.

Many fan engagement placements took place throughout the AFL season, from giving out Eddie Betts bobble heads to being a part of the Guard of Honour on the MCG. These all gave us the chance to meet the passionate supporters and was an experience like no other.

The program has given me an insight into different roles throughout the industry, helping me to identify what aspirations I have for a future career. After thoroughly enjoying the placements, I now have a strong interest for the membership department, media department and the managing of major events. I came into the Diploma of Elite Sport Business without a clear idea of what direction I wanted to take my career. With minimal experience prior to studying at Carlton College, I never thought that these were pathways I would be interested in. After experiencing them through Carlton, it has given me many ideas of potential future pathways.

To all of the future students at Carlton College, I would suggest putting a hand up for every placement and getting involved as much as possible. This has allowed me to identify what departments interest me the most whilst giving me the opportunity to build connections with many different people in the industry.