Rose Zarucky has actively pursued a rewarding career ever since leaving school in 2014.

First commencing a Bachelor of Education, Rose made the switch to sports media, initially with a Bachelor of Media Communications in 2018 and then the Diploma of Sport Coaching and Development at Carlton College of Sport in 2019.

Persistence that has paid off handsomely, Rose has now found her niche; thriving as a Digital Content Coordinator at the Carlton Football Club.

“I have always loved sport – and particularly Carlton – so I wanted to have the chance to combine my interests of digital content and AFL,” she reflected.

During her time at Carlton College, Rose particularly enjoyed her placement with Carlton’s VFL team at the time, the Northern Blues, as a content producer.

A placement that allowed her to discover and hone her strengths, the quality of her work ultimately turned into a job offer at the completion of her Diploma.

“I was able to showcase my work to the digital team at Carlton and it led to a job in the end,” she smiled.

“The skills that placement at Carlton College of Sport allowed me to develop, as well as working with the talented staff is what has helped me to get where I am now.

“I truly believe that the real-world exposure to the industry, as well as the chance to meet and network with people at the club is unrivalled.”

As it stands, Rose couldn’t be happier.

Working to produce high-quality, engaging content, her work sits across all the club’s channels to help bring fans into the inner sanctum.

“I plan, curate and create digital content for all social and website channels,” she said. “I ensure that fans and stakeholders can see every aspect of the club in a positive light.”

A rewarding role, Rose is given a license, along with the digital team, to create and pursue ideas every day.

“That is one of the best parts, to be honest, the freedom to create content every day that I think can showcase the best parts of the club.”

As she continues her journey in sports media, Rose understands that actively seeking opportunity and being willing to put herself out there is the best way forward.

“It’s so important not to pass up opportunities,” she explained. “Asking people for help or any jobs that they might have going is so important.

“More than that, if you have a skill, work on it, advertise it and make sure people can see it.

“You need to show people what you can bring to a role and what you point of difference is.”

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by Andrew Young