SportsGrad and the Carlton College of Sport (CCoS) have been working together for 18 months with one very clear goal; supporting young people to commence and grow their careers in the sport industry.

SportsGrad have been helping connect the sport industry since 2020 and have played a key role supporting their members to land jobs across the industry including the Australian Football League, Football Australia, and Cricket Australia to name a few.

Amongst many things, SportsGrad have developed an online community to support individuals to connect with industry professionals through in-person events, career resources and exclusive content, teaching critical skills in networking, understanding your ‘why’, resume writing, interview techniques and more.

The Carlton College of Sport (CCoS) is a partnership between La Trobe University University and the Carlton Football Club which provides a unique, hands-on insight into the sport industry whilst studying a higher education diploma delivered by La Trobe University at IKON Park, the home of the Carlton Football Club. It is the access to the inner workings of the sport industry that gives students the opportunity to deepen their understanding and skills in the industry to better support their career development.

Recently, SportsGrad hosted a landmark Melbourne Meetup which was attended by over 200 aspiring sport professionals, with half of those made up of current and former Carlton College students. Attendees were treated to a first-class view of the VFL clash at IKON Park, networking with like-minded professionals and hearing from two experts in the industry;

Both Abhi and Vanessa shared their inspiring journeys with the audience detailing the significant moments and learnings from their careers that have culminated in their current roles. Suffice to say that much hard work, learning from setbacks and a smidge of luck have all gone into creating their successful journeys. Those in attendance asked Abhi and Vanessa many questions and the learning and enthusiasm in the room was palpable.

As the year progresses and the students at CCoS come to the end of their studies, attention will naturally turn to the next steps in their individual journeys. Many CCoS students will continue their further education journey at La Trobe University continuing to build on their academic experiences. Other CCoS students will decide to join the workforce and commence their professional careers in the sport industry.

With the support and guidance of SportsGrad and their expertise in employability, CCoS students will participate in several skill-based sessions delivered onsite at IKON Park. These sessions run by SportsGrad will explicitly teach skills in resume building and interview techniques, harnessing the power of LinkedIn and beginning to understand your ‘why’ – all of which supports our students in their quest to gain employment in the industry.

Carlton Football Club is proud to support the CCoS students and their journeys in the industry, by offering four full-time positions at the Club to the graduating cohort. These positions provide the lucky students with an amazing opportunity to commence their professional journeys, further build their networks and critically grow their skills base. These positions have been across multiple departments with the roles recently including; Fan Engagement Coordinator, Membership Sales Officer, Events Assistant and CCoS Operations and Engagement Assistant.

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