Imbued with a desire to learn, grow and deliver her best, Daisy Osborne is making great strides in her career in the sporting industry at the Carlton Football Club .

A graduate of the Diploma of Elite Sport Business at the Carlton College of Sport (CCoS) in 2021, Daisy instantly connected with the idea of a career in sport, recognising that there are bountiful pathways beyond the boundary line.

“I have always loved the sporting industry and had an interest in administration,” she explained. “I was curious to see how the two can overlap and was glad to see there was a career to be made from it.”

Thrilled to be able to enjoy a range of placements and networking opportunities through her time at CCoS, Daisy thrived in the media and socials team, before landing a role in the membership services department in January 2022.

Now, having been part of the team at Carlton Football Club for more than two years, she is proud to reflect on her journey at IKON Park.

“I have progressed through different parts of the business by taking the opportunities to upskill myself,” she said. “I have always taken the chance where possible to try and broaden my network and build relationships across departments.”

That eagerness to form meaningful relationships helped her to land her current position as a Partnerships Account Coordinator – responsible for managing and assisting all sponsors and clients who come through the Club.

With responsibilities that range from match-day activations, digital marketing campaigns and hospitality events as well, Daisy enjoys the breadth of her role.

“Mostly, it’s the breadth of involvement across the different departments of Carlton Football Club that is most enjoyable. Engaging the business to ultimately work towards an outcome that benefits both the Club and the client.”

Keen to continue working in sport down the line, Daisy now understands that there are a range of industries with sporting affiliations that could present work opportunities in future.

“I love the idea of working for a private company with ties to sport,” she explained. “The sporting landscape, being so broad allows endless opportunity.”

More broadly, Daisy has adopted an attitude that will hold her in good stead in her professional career, whatever might come her way.

“I just think it is important to learn as much as you can in this industry,” she said. “I love taking the chance to ask questions, understand how different organisations operate and then go from there.”

“There are so many avenues to get involved, and once you’re in, there are plenty of ways to keep growing a rewarding career.”

By Andrew Young