TORIN Baker is a dual role where I am a development coach and work with the AFL and VFL programs, whilst also being the Coaching Lead in the football development program with the Carlton College.

What is your primary role within the Football Development Program through Carlton College of Sport?
The role encompasses on and off-field components. On-field,I work with our other coaches to best develop the College playing group at a more individual level. Off-field, my task is to support the playing group needs by appointing coaches and staff within the program and support our staff in their roles.

What is the purpose of the football development program?
The purpose of the program is to complement the training and playing of the College players that they do with their club and allow players to train in a high performance environment whilst gaining access to coaches and staff that are involved in our AFL and AFLW programs.  The program is fitted around players’ study commitments to assist with balance in their life.

In your opinion, how does the Football development program benefit players who are undertaking the training?
Much of the feedback from the players that have undertaken the program in the last two years has centred around the additional training and how that has positively impacted their playing performance. Players also learn skills and habits that they have for life and are equipped with the knowledge that they can draw on for the rest of their career.

In what forms does the FDP align with AFL and AFLW programs?
There are many components that mirror what occurs at the higher levels which range from sharing the same facilities to using the same programs. A lot of the learning around individual skill and craft development are the same as to what is coached at AFL/AFLW and players get access to training vision which is a critical process to improving one’s game.

What are the potential outcomes after completing this program?
The main outcome that is encouraged to the playing group is that they enjoy the program and it improves their game and helps them get closer their ambitions and goals. While a number of players have been able to be exposed to higher levels such as VFL/ VFLW and AFLW and most of those have been at Carlton, it is hoped that all players are much more advanced in a number of areas than before they started as Carlton College players.