TO THE YEAR 12’S who have received VCE results…

Congratulations! You have made it through the hardest part.

Regardless of your results, there are still plenty of study options available for you in 2022.

Considering studying a diploma at the Carlton College of Sport?

Entry requirements for both diplomas at the Carlton College of Sport include the successful completion of Year 12 and a study score of 20 in English.

Want to know more? We’ve included some frequently asked questions for you below.


How can I study at the Carlton College of Sport in 2022?


This part is easy! Students who completed Year 12 (including VCAL and Unscored VCE) in 2021 can apply for either the Diploma of Sport Coaching and Development (Course code: 2101112052) or the Diploma of Elite Sport Business (Course code: 2101112042) through your VTAC preferences.

Preference your chosen diploma from 1-8 in your course selection.

Remember – the higher that you preference a course, the more likely you are to receive an offer to study in 2022. Places at the Carlton College of Sport are extremely limited, don’t miss out!


How do I change my course preferences?


If you have decided that you would like to change your VTAC course preferences, you can do so by logging into your VTAC account. Once you open your course preference list, you can add, re-order or delete your course preferences.

Make sure to submit your change of preference before Monday 20 December to receive a first round offer on January 14. Learn more about changing your preferences here.


I didn’t meet the Carlton College entry requirements. What do I do?


If you studied VCAL, Unscored VCE or did not achieve a study score of 20 in VCE English, you are eligible to complete Prepare Accelerate, an online academic bridging course offered by La Trobe University.

Complete this six-week online course to receive an equivalent entry score into your chosen Carlton College of Sport diploma. Learn more about Prepare Accelerate here.

Questions? Get in contact with the Carlton College of Sport by registering your interest here. Alternatively, send us an email at or call 03 9389 6321.