Learn about life as a Carlton College student!

A day in the life

Take a closer look inside the Carlton College of Sport and get a real insight into the course, and what life is like for our students.

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2019 Graduates


Hear what’s come next for some of our 2019 graduates and how a year at the Carlton College of Sport helped set them on that path.

Students have their say


Hear what some of the Carlton College of Sport students had to say about their experiences during 2019.

Student Testimonial –

A Day in the Life


Hear from current students Riley, Jack and Ash about a typical day at the Carlton College of Sport.

Our Facilities –

Ikon Park Campus


Carlton College of Sport course coordinator Sarah Hosking gives you a sneak peak of the brand new teaching space at Ikon Park.


Jack's Journey

For me, I always knew that I wanted to work within an elite sporting organisation as this had been my dream from the age of six. But the question still remained: ‘how do I get there and what part of the industry is best for me?’

Rose's Reflection

Earlier in the year, I wrote a brief post about my experience at the Carlton College of Sport so far. Now that I’ve officially reached the halfway mark of the course, I can attempt to answer the question I get asked daily: ‘What do you actually do there..?’

Bray's Journey

It’s amusing to think that when you finish school, you think you know exactly what it is you want to do with your life and where you want to go, and then you turn 25 and you’re nowhere near where you thought you would end up, or where you wanted to be…