READ more from Ash Naulty who has landed the role as the Carlton College of Sport Football Development and Pathways Coordinator.

What were you doing prior to studying at Carlton College and why did you decide to study with us?

I worked in building and construction for around 10 years and I decided to jump into the Carlton College of Sport because I was looking for a career change. I wanted to pursue my passion for coaching and development.

Why did you want to go back to study?

For me it was a change of career to make you transition to elite sport and I found that Carlton College, the whole program probably most aligned with where I wanted to go. I felt like the content they had through the subjects they had, the experience, the learning was exactly for to help with my transition.

What role have you landed at the Carlton Football Club?

I have landed the Carlton College of Sport Football Development and Pathways Coordinator Role. It’s a pretty diverse sort of role where I spend majority of my time in the Carlton College Football Development Program and also spend time in the Carlton Academy.

How did you find studying at Carlton College?

The study side of the course was really what I was looking for in terms of the content provided by La Trobe University. However, there is also the added bonus whilst studying of meeting different people within the industry and being able to listen to these professionals throughout the year makes it a really worthwhile experience. Within 12 months I feel like I have a better understanding of the sports industry. Obviously there are those little things that brings out the big things like networking and meeting people within the industry but I’d probably say that being able to touch and feel the experience it gives you more insight and sort of understanding of what it takes to get the next level.

What were some experiences you had whilst at the Carlton College of Sport?

I was fortunate enough to have some really good placement opportunities at the beginning of the year where I was involved with the AFLW program. I also did a placement where I worked within the retail shop, where I helped out with a flurry of people getting their merchandise, which was a really good experience. At that point in-time I had no clue what I was doing, but everyone was willing to help and it was a lot of fun.

Those were some of the memorable placements for me, but also just getting up-skilled in the program that the membership team uses and being able to network and contact people within the industry, helps create a deeper level of thinking for my own journey.

What was the best part about completing the course?

I would say being able to learn more in depth about coaching and finding out it was something I wanted to continue doing. Also, as a mature aged student I thought meeting and relating to younger people was going to be a struggle, but it was enjoyable to turn the clock back a little bit.

What skills have you learnt throughout your time at Carlton College?

Probably the most profound one is attention to detail, just based on the standards that the lectures set. Asking and understanding feedback was also something I picked up, which really helped with my studies.

Also, just the broader knowledge of what is out there for coaches and the different sports and how you can bring coaching techniques from other sports into your own sport.

Finally, just studying within the sporting industry environment really reinforces hard work. It’s going to sound cliché but the more you put into any area, the more you get out. Whether it be your studies and wanting to learn or your relationships within the industry, you do get out what you put in.

What would be your advice to people who want to get into the sporting industry/are thinking of studying at Carlton College?

Get online and apply! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Really try to be authentic and be curious and ask heaps of questions. Put yourself with and around people who are willing to push you and give honest feedback and listen to that. Whatever your goals are go for it, because if you think you can do it, the chances are you probably can do it!