A willingness to put her hand up for new opportunities and fully immerse herself in the growing world of sports content creation has led to a rewarding start to a career for Rebekah Vilardo .


Currently working as a video producer for the Carlton Football Club , Rebekah is blending her love for sport with an aptitude for digital media as she makes videos for one of Australia’s biggest sporting clubs.


“I have always had a passion for sport, and I wanted to find a way to create sporting content for a living,” she explained.


Having graduated from high school in 2018, Rebekah dipped her toe in the water straight away; completing a Bachelor of Screen Media and also taking on a role as a content producer at Williamstown Football Club in the Victorian Football League.


Both fulfilling and enjoyable experiences, it was her decision to study a Diploma of Elite Sport Business at the Carlton College of Sport that started to make a career in the industry a realistic possibility for Rebekah.


“I had a level of experience in sports media through my first degree, but it was the real-world exposure and networking opportunities that the Diploma offered me that really made me think there could be a career in it for me,” she said.


“There were a range of placement opportunities, and I was lucky enough to secure a part-time contract with the Club while I was studying in 2022 and we just went from there.”


“I can’t recommend it enough and would encourage anyone else who is interested in this sort of career to ask questions, put your hand up for new opportunities and get to know as many people as possible.”


In her current role, Rebekah enjoys making video content for all of the Club’s digital platforms.


Utilising her skills across the main website, as well as tailoring content for social media channels, Rebekah films, edits and produces videos, her end-to-end involvement testament to her skillset.


Additionally, the scope of her role means that Rebekah makes content for all departments at the Club, helping to celebrate the contribution of everyone at Carlton and to help tell the story of the Club through powerful video content.


“Ultimately, I am hoping to stay here for a long time and make a real impact with the videos I create,” Rebekah smiled.


“I know I have got a good skillset now and the career progression made possible here at Carlton is a result of my time at the College and that is really exciting to me.”


For more information on the Carlton College of Sport and the Diploma of Elite Sport Business, click HERE

by Andrew Young