MADISON Katerelos was a part of our Football Development Program who found studying at the Carlton College of Sport a valuable pathway for her goal of having a career in sport. You can read more about what she thought of the course below!

  1. What compelled you to study at the Carlton College of Sport?

I think what compelled me most about studying here at Carlton College of Sport, was the idea of being able to complete my studies at this awesome and unique location while undertaking a football program. I am very into my football, so it was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss! Also, the opportunity to volunteer and do placement at the MCG or AFLW trainings is a once in a lifetime kind of thing that enables you to put a foot through the door of the incredible sporting world.

  1. How did you find the academics offered at the Carlton College of Sport compared to year 12?

I found the academics offered at Carlton College much better than year 12. It was honestly very different and nothing was handed to you like high school, with a lot of pressure on remembering dates and keeping up-to-date with everything, but the work itself was much easier and more stress free than year 12, with a lot less homework!

  1. How did you find the transition from year 12 to Carlton College of Sport? How was the support CCoS and La Trobe University offered?

The support offered was awesome! The staff at CCoS are so lovely and they made the transition into university so much easier than expected! Both the staff at CCoS and all the teachers were welcoming and supportive, always sending out messages in their time for our benefit. The culture of the place was very inviting, making the transition that much easier as well!

  1. What have you learnt most at the Carlton College of Sport?

I have honestly learnt so much at the Carlton College, not only because of the subjects I took but so much about how the sporting world works. I now have a lot of insight into the strength and conditioning world through the guest lectures each week and the S&C lectures from Steve. I have also learnt and developed my football skills through participating in the football program.

  1. From someone coming from year 12, what is something about the Carlton College of Sport that you would share with people wanting to start a career in sport?

I think it’s such a good course to get proper insight into a career in sport, not only due to the specialised subjects, but having guest lectures each week and getting to hear from a range of different people in different roles and how they got to the place they are now is awesome. I think the facilities and the amazing people that you will meet is also another reason to start a career in sport right here at the CCoS!