BEN Unger was a Carlton College of Sport student who studied a Diploma of Elite Sport Business, after finishing his Diploma at CCoS he took full advantage of the direct entry into La Trobe University and is now studying a Bachelor in Business. You can read more about his journey from CCoS to LTU below.

  1. What are you currently studying at La Trobe University?

I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Business majoring in both Sport management and event management at La Trobe University.

  1. How did you find the academic side of studying at the Carlton College of Sport?

The academic side of the Carlton College of Sport provided a refreshing way of learning for me. With the opportunity to learn several subjects whilst being within an elite sporting environment, I felt as though I could relate to many of the different topics being taught.

  1. How did you find the transition into your second year of university at La Trobe University?

The transition from the Carlton College of Sport to La Trobe University was a very smooth process. With La Trobe having my first-year grades on their system, it was a matter of a few phone calls back and forth to understand the different bachelor’s degrees I could undertake using the previous CCoS/LTU credits.

Throughout this period, I felt strong support from the CCoS staff; they informed me of the different options I had ahead of me, encouraging me to complete my Bachelor of Business, as this would be very beneficial for the career path I’d like to undertake. I felt extremely comfortable heading into the second year of LTU, with an insight into the teaching strategies alongside the different learning facilities La Trobe has to offer, I felt like La Trobe was the best option for me.

  1. How do you think CCoS prepared you for that further study?

The Carlton College of Sport provided me with a better understanding of the career path I wanted to take, resulting in the decision to undergo majors in both Sport and Event management. The different placements throughout the year at the Carlton College of Sport were extremely motivating, getting first-hand experience within the different industries has provided me with great knowledge, allowing me to excel in this further study.