WORKING her way through her graduate role, Daisy reflects on how important the Carlton College of Sport was within both her professional and personal development and how it has allowed her to better perform within her role as a Membership Sales Officer.

What is the role you are currently in and what does it involve?
My current role is a Membership Sales Officer within the Consumer department. Typically, my role consists of servicing members of all levels and working towards sales and revenue targets set by the Club. Primarily, this can include assisting with any game day questions or issues, explaining membership package entitlements or servicing any questions they have about the operations or events happening within the Carlton Football Club.

How did the Carlton College of Sport prepare you for this role/full-time work?
The Carlton College of Sport prepared me to manage myself in an extremely professional industry. When studying at IKON Park, you are exposed to a high-performance workplace which allows for your development to happen naturally and quickly.

Personally, it really benefited my confidence in understanding what I wanted to pursue on a career front. Being open to all placements and experiences that is on offer, you are able to learn more about the role and what it entails which allowed me to better work towards a goal on a strategic front.

What was the most important aspect/skill you learnt at the college?
The ability to organically network and communicate within a professional workplace. Being able to have access and time to chat to all people who have started in different positions and understand how they achieved professional development is an aspect that was most important. Carlton, as a business, is extremely diverse which can really benefit you as a student when you are seeking advice or learnings.

What is the best advice you can give to current students or people wanting to have a career in sport?
The best advice that I would give is to work on expanding the areas you are exposed to. Within the College you take part in a lot of different opportunities which is where you see growth professionally and personally. The use of placements can be very important when trying to work out what you are wanting to do, which is where you can source more specific placements in that area to narrow in on.

What were you doing prior to studying at the Carlton College of Sport and why did you decide to study with us?
I was completing a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences, majoring in Human Resource Management and Neuropsychology. I decided to study at the College due to the hands-on industry experience. Being that you’re at the club for majority of the week, I was intrigued by the idea of learning in theory and seeing how it would compare to the day-to-day tasks performed.