FORMER Sport Coaching and Development student, Heath Ramshaw, completed his studies with the Carlton College of Sport in 2022 – now he is making a statement in Carlton’s VFL team.

After just his second VFL game, Ramshaw was on the big stage – the MCG. Speaking to the broadcasters after the game, he talked about the team and what it was like playing on the ‘G for the first time.

“Walking on here this morning was surreal. The weather is great, it seems a bit bigger than what I thought it would be.”

“It was a big thing coming into the game [playing to our strengths] and having the chains unhooked. When all the boys are at their best and playing to our style, we are a tough side to beat.”

Ramshaw succeeded academically throughout the Sport Coaching and Development Diploma while he also used the Football Development program to upskill and enhance his athletic performance.

Reflecting on this, Heath has recognised the importance of the program and the direction it provided him in bettering and developing his football career.

“Being in the Football Development program, we dedicated time to specific skills that we wanted to improve – mine was speed. This was one of my goals which I worked on with the coaches throughout the year.”

He speaks highly of the coaches, commenting that they are very good teachers to have while being very involved in the program and helping the students visually learn.

“I have worked on gym skills from last year with Steve Moore and I have seen a lot of improvement in my speed and skills in general. The coaches demonstrate skills perfectly and join in which makes the drills more game-like.”



Speaking about the Football Development program, Ramshaw highly recommends it to those who are looking to improve their skills. He says whilst working in a high-performance environment, the coaches very much work on us as people. So regardless of where our football takes us, we are better athletes and people beyond the college.

Looking ahead and speaking of his personal goals, Ramshaw has one goal in mind. “It is to make it to the top level of AFL – I think to reach certain heights you must take small steps. To me, it is reflecting each week, seeing improvements and if that is working, then I am happy.”