Every year, the Carlton College of Sport offers four full-time graduate positions within the Carlton Football Club. We caught up with each of the graduates to hear about their experience studying at Carlton College and to see what they’re looking forward to in the year to come working at Carlton.

Learn more about Maddie Enriquez, who was offered the position of Partnerships and Events Assistant, in the Commercial Operations department.

Maddie began her studies at the Carlton College of Sport as a mature age student, seeking the opportunity to gain industry experience throughout the year to then progress into a career in sport.

Why did you decide to study at the Carlton College of Sport?

“I was looking for a career, I had previously just been working in hospitality roles, retail roles and other customer service roles, and I was looking to progress into a corporate career in sport”.

Maddie undertook all placements offered to her. Helping her gain the industry knowledge to advance her sporting career as well as networking with individuals in the industry.

She was able to experience life behind the scenes in all formats, from game-day activations, corporate events and administrative functions at the Carlton Football Club.

What was your best experience whilst studying at Carlton College?

“One experience that I absolutely loved was going out on the ground (MCG)  on a Fan Engagement placement and to see everything that goes into a match-day”.

How did you use the opportunities at the Carlton College of Sport to land a full-time role at the Carlton Football Club?

“I made sure to put my hand up for every single placement that I was able to do, and then I also sought out other placement that really interested me”.

Undertaking the placements available, Maddie was able to expand her network within the Football Club.

Meeting numerous people within the club and working alongside them for the year excelled her career, as she was able to branch out, and connect with individuals in all departments of the Football club.

Maddie impressed everyone she worked with, proving her skillset and driven personality, which helped her land a role in the Events and Partnerships team.

In this role she will assist with event and function planning, as well as engaging and interacting with the Carlton Football Clubs partners.

How have you found the transition from studying at Carlton College to full-time work at the Football Club?

“It’s been a really good transition. It’s been really smooth, very busy going from student life into full-time work but it’s been great.”