USING Sam’s extensive placements undertaken while studying at the Carlton College of Sport, he now uses the practices as part of his graduate position at the Carlton Football Club. Reflecting on the teachings learnt within his years of study, Sam can now draw on that to better perform as a Marketing and Student Recruitment Officer.

What is the role you are currently in and what does it typically involve?
I am a Marketing and Student Recruitment Officer. Within that role, my daily duties in recruitment include creating prospect generation campaigns and following up student enquires across the board of prospective students for the College as well as engaging and communicating with various schools and football clubs to reach their current cohort of students.

The marketing aspect includes being a part of the student journey throughout the year; such as being involved in placements and experience, to help out in promoting the college on all social platforms and communicating through monthly emails.

How did the Carlton College of Sport prepare you for this role/full-time work?
The College prepared me for this role by outlining the key factors of a high-performance industry and how they operate. It taught me the fundamental skills needed for both networking and professionalism in my role.

What was the most important aspect/skill you learnt at the College?
The most important aspect and skill I learnt from my time at CCoS was relationship building and networking. Due to my placements mainly being within the partnerships team, I was within a professional setting and constantly meeting people within Carlton’s ecosystem which is where I was able to apply these skills.

What is the best advice you can give to current students or people wanting to have a career in sport?
Take every opportunity put in front of you. Studying at the College there were countless opportunities to build on and experiences within sport. Every opportunity helped me shape the start of my career in sport.

What were you doing prior to studying at the Carlton College of Sport and why did you decide to study with us?
Before the College, I was studying a Bachelor’s degree although I enjoyed what I was learning, the lack of experience was the reason I stopped. I decided to study at CCoS because of the placement opportunities and industry-style networks, I found the hands-on experience better suited to my learning style.