Josh Hall is currently studying the Diploma of Elite Sport Business at the Carlton College of Sport. Having completed his placements within the Carlton Football Club, working in the Consumer Department, Commercial Department, Football Department, and with our Fan Engagement team, he has been exposed to all the different areas that sport business has to offer.

What placements have you completed?

“There’s a whole host of placements that I have completed and enjoyed with CCoS that I didn’t even know would be an opportunity that I would be able to do while studying.”

Throughout his placements, Josh has been able to work with the Events Management Team, work alongside the Commercial team on game days at Carlton Football Club’s prestigious Presidents Functions and Carltonians functions. Being able to work with both the VFL/VFLW teams throughout training and game day operations, as well as retail operations. Josh also had the opportunity to work within the Football Department learning recruitment and sports coding.


Have the placements helped you determine what field of within the sporting industry you would like to work in?

I have been able to use the placements to work out both the areas of sport that I now know I really enjoy and would love to work in. But also, it helped me rule out areas that I was not as interested in.

This is allowed me to tailor my placements and education to the fields I am interested in, thanks to the broad accessibility within the Club.

Will the connections and networks being built will help you at the start of your career within the sporting industry?

Absolutely. 100%. Just having the connections with those who are so valued and experienced in their areas of work in your corner. Being able to feel confident to give them a ring down the track, to have a chat and ask for their advice – I am sure they all would be more than happy to help along the way.

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What has been your standout experience?

I love the Presidents Functions, being involved on gameday, seeing the excitement of the supporters and those who give their all to the club. It’s a great vibe and amazing to feel like I am contributing to the club.

Have you found your experiences insightful as to what a career within the sporting industry looks like?

I find that you don’t know to much about the industry until you are involved in the production and operations of the day-to-day life within the club and being involved in the CCoS placements has shown me the enjoyment you can get out of working in sport.